A Walk in Bethlehem

Visitors take a walking tour through the city of “Bethlehem,” where they will see the Biblical town come to life.

The Montalba Baptist Church invites the public to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with its annual

In the past this event has experienced over 800 visitors in its three day schedule. This year things will be a little different due to the COVID pandemic.

“We are going to do our best to accommodate everyone,” said Wayne Frazier, pastor of Montalba Baptist Church. “Everyone is welcome to attend. If you feel like coming out with your family, please do. If you do not feel safe doing so, please stay home. You are welcome to wear masks, but you are not required to.”

Visitors are asked to register/sign up at the church.

Groups will be taken through approximately every 20 minutes.

Admission is free.

Visitors then take a hay ride to the entrance of Bethlehem, where they are register at the census – just as Mary and Joseph the day Christ was born.

According to Frazier, visitors take a walking tour through the city of “Bethlehem,” where they will see the Biblical town come to life. Townspeople dressed in period costumes include pottery makers, people selling cloth, baskets, unleavened bread, as well as a woodcarver, money changer, tax collector and a working blacksmith.

Visitors make their way to the end of town, where they find a stable scene featuring the Inn Keeper, the manger holding baby Jesus, with parents Mary and Joseph, and a donkey. The nativity scene will be the last scene.

“At the stable, there is a short message from the Gospel, true meaning behind Christmas,” Frazier said. “Right now, people are searching for hope, and a true message of hope is what we are here to share.”

Montalba Baptist Church is located at the corner of Texas 19 N. and FM 321 in Montalba.

This event is held on uneven terrain and may be unsuitable for the elderly or infirm.

For more information, log onto montalbabaptist.church.

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