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PPD interim Chief Mark Harcrow

Tommorow is Halloween, and Palestine Police Department's interim Chief Mark Harcrow has some tips for adults and kids to help guarantee a fun, safe night.

-A responsible adult should always accompany younger children while trick or treating.

-If older children are trick or treating alone, have a designated route planned that is familiar to both the kids and their parents. Also, parents should designate a time for kids to be home.

-Encourage the children to stay together, and not stray from the group.

-When driving, be mindful of dark-colored clothing or costumes in areas that aren't well lit.

-Discourage inexperienced drivers from driving on Halloween evening.

-As always, be mindful of strangers, and never enter a stranger's home or vehicle.

PPD will have extra officers on-duty Halloween night, Harcrow said.

β€œThe last tip really goes without saying,” Harcrow told the Herald-Press. β€œAny suspicious ghosts or goblins in the area should be reported to the police department immediately. Happy Halloween.”

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