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Four more prisoners have died of COVID-19-related causes, including one at the Beto Unit in Tennessee Colony, raising the total number of COVID-related inmate deaths to 36, with another 22 under investigation, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice reported today. Seven prison employees also have died from COVID-related causes.

Beto inmate Jeffrey Davis, 45, died May 11, after testing positive for COVID-19 on April 14.

On May 2, Davis was transported from Palestine to a Tyler hospital. Davis had served 3 years of a 15-year sentence from Galveston County.

Altogether, 48,008 prisoners and 15,128 employees have been tested for COVID-19 -- about one-third of Texas state prisoners and half of the state's prison employees -- with 2,495 prisoners and 758 staff members testing positive. More than 1,000 prisoners and 180 staff have recovered.

Jose Martinez, 67, died May 15, after he was transferred to a local hospital from the Clements Unit in Amarillo on April 18. Martinez had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. He had served 23 years of a life sentence from Hockley County.

Adrian Duncan, 51, died May 10t at a hospital in Galveston, after he was taken from the Scott Unit in Angleton on April 26. Duncan had served nearly 10 years of a 35-year sentence from Harris County.

Thomas Weber, 52, died May 11. He was hospitalized from the Wynne Unit in Huntsville on May 10, suffering from COVID-19 symptoms. He had served seven years of a 30-year sentence from Polk County.

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