Following a record number of single-day cases of COVID-19 Thursday, Anderson County has returned to a more typical number of new cases. 

On Thursday, the county reported six new cases of COVID-19, the largest single-day increase since the county reported its first confirmed case March 31.

The six new cases, along with one case on Saturday and one on Sunday, raised the county's total to 72 on Monday, Judge Robert Johnston told the Herald-Press. Of those 72 cases, however, 44 have recovered, leaving 28 confirmed active cases.

For most of May, Johnston said, Anderson County averaged about one new case every three days, compared to three in late April.

“I think it's leveling off,” Johnston said. He said, however, another spike was possible, and he noted nursing home testing results were due this week.

Thursday's six new cases were the first since the previous Friday, when the county reported one new case. At least five of the six new cases came from employees of local prisons.

Anderson County has reported no COVID-related deaths, outside of its prisons. Prisoner COVID-19 cases in Anderson County are reported on a separate Texas Department of Criminal Justice register; they are not included in the county's official tally.

Anderson County has conducted more than 1,000 COVID-19 tests.

Aside from the six new cases Thursday, Johnston said the county appears to be “doing great.”

“But it's also tough to tell,” he said, “because so many people are walking around and don't know they have it.”

The state Supreme Court has cancelled jury trials in Texas until Aug. 1.

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