Dr. Brandy Ricard

Dr. Brandy Ricard

According to Dr. Brandy Ricard, starting this week, CHRISTUS clinic began accepting appointments to vaccinate Phase 1B recipients.

As our hospitals continue to care for patients with COVID and other medical needs, CHRISTUS will be offering these vaccinations through its clinics, as they are better prepared to provide this type of care to large groups of the public.

Members of Phase 1B are encouraged to check back regularly, as appointments are opened as more vaccine supply becomes available from the state. Please note that vaccinations at CHRISTUS clinics are by appointment only at this time.

All appointment requests for the vaccine will need to follow this process:

To see if you qualify for the vaccine, log onto https://www.christushealth.org/ and look for the yellow dots to the right of the screen. Click there to get started.

CHRISTY, your virtual assistant will prompt you with a few screening questions to ensure that you qualify. If you do qualify, CHRISTY will help you find an appointment at the closest CHRISTUS location to you.

If you have questions about your personal health concerns or history and how that might be impacted by vaccination, you are encouraged you to talk with your primary care provider, who knows your conditions and your history and can advise you personally.

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