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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was submitted by Marketing Communications Interns students at Westwood Independent School District.

In these treacherous times, safety is an action most needed for public school but done in a way that feels as if it is non-existent. At Westwood Independent School District safety is a number one priority. The measures WISD has taken to ensure its students and staff members are safe should not go unnoticed.

WISD students said it is very clear safety of students is very important to the district and they will do anything to provide a safe environment.

“I feel pretty safe here, said Freshman David Russel, more commonly known as Boosie. “I think the doors are pretty secure, therefore no one can come in.”

Senior Royanna Robinson said she believes having the doors locked at all times is a great idea but she also thinks there should be an on campus police.

Students feel that after all the shootings and unfortunate events that have happened, Westwood made a good decision by putting guards on all the campuses and hiring a director, Mike Hoyt, for the safety of Westwood. Administration said campus police department is in the works for WISD.

Lyla Huddleston, an eighth grader, said it gets exhausting walking back and forth from outside classes to inside classes but it is all worth it to ensure everyone is safe.

WISD implemented the “Guardian Plan” in 2014. This plan was set in place for the safety of students years ago, with a plan to ensure that an assigned staff member on each campus will have a plan with a purpose to serve the school, selflessly.

Aylyn Shepard, also an eighth grader, said she feels safe on campus because she knows there are staff members who are armed and in place to take action if need be.

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