Texas has the 15th biggest problem with bullying in the U.S., but neighboring states fare worse.

Texas ranks high for student bullying, but it is only one of eight states without both anti-bullying laws and policies. The other states without such policies: Arkansas, Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, Missouri, Arizona, and North Carolina.

Texas ranks 15th in the nation among states where bullying is a problem; Louisiana and Arkansas schools rank first and second.

“Bullying among youth is a serious problem,” reports WalletHub, an online source that compiled data from the 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Nationwide, 19 percent of students in grades 9-12 experienced bullying on school grounds in the past year; 15 percent were bullied electronically.

Louisiana and Arkansas are tied for the highest rate of bullying-related suicide attempts. But that's not all: Louisiana students also experience the highest rate of bullying online.

Arkansas has the highest rate of kids bullied on school grounds, and the fourth-highest percentage of online bullying.

Louisiana also tied for first place with the District of Columbia and Maryland for the number of physical fights at school.

Texas ranks third nationwide in the cost impact of bullying-related truancy. In other words, when Texas students skip school due to bullying, schools lose the most money.

Texas is also one of only eight states (Arkansas, Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, Missouri, Arizona, and North Carolina) without both anti-bullying laws and anti-bullying policies.

Most other states – 47 and the District of Columbia – have both laws and policies against bullying. Washington, Oregon, and Minnesota were omitted from WalletHub's analysis “due to data limitations.”

Which state ranks the lowest in bullying problems? Massachusetts.