Justin Todd Herod

Justin Todd Herod, of Palestine was named Christian Country Artist of the Year, and Christian Country Songwriter of the Year, at the Texas Country Music Association Awards on Sunday.

“It is a humbling honor to be nominated for anything musically, especially surrounded by such great songwriters and musicians here in Texas,” Herod said. “Country music has always been about stories. It's a greater honor to me to be able to write and sing songs about the greatest story ever told – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

This year’s award ceremony ran at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth.

Herod is a Texas-based national recording artist and songwriter from Elkhart. He’s the 2017 winner of the ICMA’s “Musician of the Year.” He's also associate pastor at Trinity Church in Palestine.

Herod sings country and blues music that talks about real life and Jesus Christ.

The song that earned him Christian Country Songwriter of the Year was “Pouring Out My Heart.”

“To watch my husband be honored for his talents is a true joy,” said Herod's wife, Rainee. “More than that is how truly proud I am that he never compromises his walk with the Lord. He always honors God, first and foremost.

“I am one blessed and thankful lady.”

Since 1997, Justin has published more than 100 songs, recorded in Nashville and Texas. He's also appeared on numerous television and radio programs and toured in 40 states. He has 10 albums to his credit.

Check out Justin Todd Herod on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under Justin Todd Herod. Find his music on Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube and Spotify.

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