Houston County Courthouse

A bomb threat evacuated the Houston County Courthouse Wednesday.

Sgt. Ryan Martin of the Houston County Sheriff’s Office said a caller to the courthouse threatened to detonate a bomb in, or near, the courthouse around noon Wednesday.

The courthouse was evacuated and a Montgomery County bomb squad unit was called to sweep the building.

The Houston County Sheriff’s Office is in charge of the scene, assisted by the Texas Rangers, Houston County Constables, the Crockett Police Department and the Houston County Office of Emergency Management.

The city of Crockett Public Works Department and TxDOT diverted traffic from the area. Members of law enforcement went door-to-door to notify residents.

Bomb sniffing dogs were called to the scene and inspected the area but no explosive devices were found.

The square in Crockett around the courthouse that was closed during the sweep was later reopened to traffic.

The courthouse will be open as normal on Thursday.

This threat is still under investigation.

When found, the caller will be charged with a third degree felony offense, punishable up to 10 years in prison.

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