This city property, across from Reagan Park, is the designated location for the dog park.

A dog park is in the works for the city of Palestine. The item was approved by the city council during the city’s 2022 budget sessions.

Mayor Dana Goolsby has been a champion in seeing this project to fruition.

“Dog parks are among the fastest-growing amenities offered by parks and recreation agencies,” Goolsby said. “Dog parks benefit their communities in many ways. It gives dogs the opportunity to roam free, to socialize with other dogs and it allows dog owners to exercise with and play with their pets unleashed. Beyond the obvious benefits for dogs and their owners, dog parks also bring people together, creating another sense of community, helping pet owners connect to other people, socialize, and participate in outdoor activities.”

Goolsby has been working with the city staff since 2018 to develop plans for a dog park.

“The community has desired a park of this nature for several years, and there is no reason we cannot have one,” she said. “It will be a low-cost, high-impact project that is overdue in Palestine. I look forward to seeing people utilize our future dog park as a gathering place.”

Parks and Recreation Director Patsy Smith said she is also excited about the new community addition.

“Having a dog park coming to the community is super exciting,” Smith said. “This park is going to allow dog owners to be able to bring their dogs to a park and allow them to exercise their dog, but also allow the owner to get out and exercise as well.”

The dog park will be located at city owned piece of property on the corner of N. Church St. and E. Reagan St.

According to Smith, the park will include a large dog area and a small dog area, both with access to water so pet owners can provide fresh water to their dogs and a six foot chain link fence enclosure.

The park will have a security gate so that pet owners can enter the enclosure without worry of their pet running off and the city will provide a few park benches for the owners to sit, gather and visit while their dogs are able to exercise. Parking will be on the east side.

Smith said the city had budgeted $14,000 for the dog park, but with the cost of materials going up, it could possibly be more. 

“This will also allow dog owners to socialize with other dog owners and build friendships,” Smith said. “Not only are the dogs getting to socialize with other dogs, but our residents are able to socialize with each other in person verses being online or by phone. This gives people a chance to be outdoors and in fresh air.”

Rules and regulations for the park are being established by the city attorney.

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