County Clerk Mark Staples

County Clerk Mark Staples

Anderson County Clerk Mark Staples is encouraging residents to sign up for the free Vanguard Property Fraud Alert system. Property fraud is as fast-growing and as damaging as identity theft, with the added risk of individuals losing their property.

“Property fraud alert is important because it gives property owners of Anderson County the ability to track when any document is filed in the land records involving their name or business,” Staples said. “Property fraud alerts do not prevent fraud but they do allow the property owner to be notified and take appropriate legal action if something potentially fraudulent is filed.”

Property fraud occurs when a person fraudulently files documents against your property for financial gain or to take over ownership without your knowledge. Power of Attorney is one type of document scammers may target.

After creating an alert record, individuals will receive email notifications anytime a document is recorded against your property, business or name within Anderson County.

“Placing a name on the property fraud alert will allow you to keep track of loved ones and friends that could possibly be taken advantage of through a Power of Attorney,” Staples said. “This new feature will automatically track these documents and then you can use our online search to actually view the document that was filed free of charge.”

To sign up, log on to and click on the Fraud Alert link.

For more information, contact Staples at 903-723-7402.

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