A cow's death knocked the Coffield Unit in Tennessee Colony offline on Friday.

During the dig and burial for the cow, which was hit by a state-owned van Thursday, a backhoe struck and cut through a fiber-optic cable that belongs to CenturyLink.

Phone and internet service for the entire prison unit went down most of Friday, due to the fiber-optic break.

After prison officials decided to bury the cow, the Texas state highway department used a backhoe to dig a hole.

It was unknown as of late Friday afternoon, whether the accident had affected any other CenturyLink customers in the area.

CenturyLink crews traveled to the prison farm to assess the damage and start repairs.

They will dig on either side of the cow to repair the cable – without disturbing the animal's final resting place.

Crews were still on the scene Friday night, but the damage could cancel weekend visitation for prisoners.

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