Mother's Day

Consider this your fair warning.

It is Saturday. The Saturday before Mother’s Day.

Do not delay. Do not debate. Your mother deserves the time, the effort, the energy, the thoughtfulness.

If she is far away and a gift must be shipped, you can still make it if you act now.

We recommend you do.

Even if you miss the self-imposed deadline, surely better late than inconsiderate.

You won’t be sorry. Making your mother smile will not ever bring regret, but the other way round is certain to do just that.

Consider her—the time, the effort, the sacrifice. Even if you think some way there is a lack, there is certainly sacrifice you do not know. There is heartache or anguish or restless nights you never saw, you will never be told about.

Expensive celebrations, elaborate acknowledgements are not necessary but consideration is.

Think of her.

If she is no longer here, remember her. Tell a story about her and smile when you do, even if it is through tears.

We hope you take this weekend to enjoy and consider your Mom.

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