National Weather Service forecasters expect Tropical Depression 14 to make landfall in the Houston/Galveston area early next week. This storm formed in the Caribbean Sea on Thursday morning.

Uncertainty of this storm is high at this time, with the possibility of it shifting to the left or right in the next 24 hours, but forecasters are urging Texans to begin preparations for the possibility of a hurricane.

As of Thursday, the National Hurricane Center believed this storm could be a hurricane by the time it reaches the Yucatan Saturday, restrengthening as it crosses into the Gulf, reaching the Southeast Texas coast by Tuesday evening.

The current trajectory shows the storm likely to hit Houston/Galveston head on.

Forecaster note intensity is one of the most challenging things to predict with tropical storms.

Meteorologists are also keeping an eye on Tropical Depression 13, that formed overnight. It is expected to strengthen into a tropical storm by Friday morning.

Meteorologist with the National Weather Services expect TD13 to pass north of Cuba into the Gulf of Mexico, but its track is still unpredictable as well.

Space City Weather reports at least one weather model predicts the two storms’ paths putting them both in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday.

We will bring you more information as this storm develops

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