Fiber optic cable

Frankston and Slocum are next in line for broadband in Anderson County.

According to County Judge Robert Johnston, the Court voted to table awarding the project on Monday, June 6 and opted to go out for bids on running fiber optic cable to Frankston and towards Slocum.

“We are working diligently to bring access to high speed internet to all county residents,” said County Judge Robert Johnston.

In February, the Commissioners Court approved an agreement with East Texas Broadband to deliver high speed fiber to Elkhart for broadband services. The agreement between the county and East Texas Broadband was for $300,000. For that project, Texas Texas Broadband ran a new fiber optic line into downtown Elkhart with a radial reach of between five and eight miles.

In 2021, Palestine Economic Development and Palestine Independent School District worked with Etex to bring broadband into Palestine, working from Neches on Highway 79 into the city then back to Neches on Highway 84, making a complete loop.

The city and county have been working with East Texas Broadband to bring the services to residential areas within the city limits and into rural parts of Anderson County.

In December 2021, the Court approved awarding a grant of $200,000 of American Rescue Plan Act Funds to East Texas Broadband to provide fiber optic broadband to residential areas of Palestine and Anderson County. The grant was to be paid upon completion of the submitted and approved project.

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