Chris Angerstien

If you know or have information about what happened to Chris Angerstein you are asked to contact the 
Houston County Sheriff’s Office at 936-544-2862 or submit an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers, 936-639-TIPS.

The Houston County Sheriff’s Office is reviewing a three-year-old homicide investigation from Grapeland in May 2016.

It is believed that, during the early morning hours of May 24, 2016, Chris Angerstein, 22, of Latexo, was assaulted in the city of Grapeland.

“The case was originally handled as a medical case,” said Sgt. Ryan Martin of the Houston County Sheriff’s Office. “It wasn’t until after he died that it was established that he had signs of suffering a blow to the back of the head.”

The autopsy requested by Chris’s father and ordered by a judge showed Chris died from blunt force trauma.

The Houston County Sheriff's Office recently received a tip and new evidence has been sent to a lab for testing.

In April 2017, Chris's father, Lemuel Angerstein, made a public plea for people with information to come forward and help piece together what happened the day his son died.

Lemuel was not happy about how the case was initially handled. It was almost 90 days before Grapeland Police turned the case over to the Houston County Sheriff's Office. Not one of Grapeland's officers who worked the case are still with the department.

Lemuel said two 911 calls were made the morning his son died – the first by a neighbor who saw Chris having what appeared to be a seizure in the yard around 7:30 a.m.

The first call was later cancelled. About an hour later. Chris went to his girlfriend's house.

“He was being combative and began to convulse, and she called an ambulance,” Lemuel said. “She thought he was having a seizure. My son had a history of seizures. No one thought anything was out of the norm initially.”

Chris was taken by Care Flight to Tyler that day, Lemuel said. He was pronounced dead the following day.

“In Tyler, the neurosurgeon told us Chris had been hit with something so hard that it had severed his carotid artery and he bled out in his brain,” said Lemuel. “My son had a drug history; the officers who initially worked the case chalked it up to an overdose.”

Lemuel said he requested an autopsy. Chris was an organ donor. After his organs were harvested, his body was taken to a Dallas lab. The results showed his death was caused by blunt force trauma.

To provide information relating to this case, contact the
Houston County Sheriff’s Office at 936-544-2862.

To provide information regarding Chris’ death while remaining anonymous, call and submit an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers, 936-639-TIPS.

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