Ashley Langham

Ashley Langham

A Grapeland woman has been arrested for criminally negligent homicide in the death of teen David Dunn.

Ashley Langham, 18, was arrested on Tuesday by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office on a warrant from Houston County and booked in the the Houston County Jail. Her bail was set for $,8,000 and she bonded out before noon.

Officers found Dunn, 17 of Grapeland, deceased and Jaelyn Reed, 18 of Palestine, suffering from what they believed to be a drug-related issue at the home of Langham and Dylan Duhon, 19, July 14 on Rockhill Road in Grapeland.

According to Langham’s arrest affidavit, an investigator was called to a home on a private road in Grapeland where a teen, identified as Dunn, 17, was found dead.

At the scene, Dunn was found lying next to a Chevrolet pickup. Another teen, Reed, was also found at the scene, and was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Tyler.

The boys were found in Langham’s boyfriend, Duhon’s truck.

Duhon was arrested July 14 on two felony and one misdemeanor charge. He was booked into the Houston County Jail late that evening.

According to his arrest affidavit, Duhon called 911 when he arrived home and found two of his friends, Dunn and Reed, unresponsive and that he gave officers “consent to check the residence for any type of drugs or narcotics that may have contributed” to the incident.

During a search of the residence, officers located a brown paper bag filled with approximately 69 grams of marijuana, approximately 160 grams of Alprazolam (Xanax) and approximately 10 grams of Hydrocodone pills.

Duhon’s affidavit states he denied the drugs belonged to him, however, since he is the renter and considered to be in “care, custody, control and management of the residence” when the drugs were found, he was arrested for the possession of the illegal substances.

Langham’s affidavit states that Duhon told deputies Dunn and Reed spent the night at the home the night before. He said they had been taking Xanax that night. He told deputies when he left for work they were asleep on the couch and when he returned he found his friends unresponsive in the truck’s back seat and he did not know how they ended up in the truck.

Through further investigation, Langham’s affidavit states the night before, Duhon and Langham had taken Dunn and Reed to Houston to purchase the drugs found in the residence. Dunn and Reed were in the back seat of the truck and deputies believe that they were passed out when they arrived in Grapeland at the residence.

Authorities believe the two men were still unconscious in the back seat of the truck the following morning, so Duhon had Langham take him to work the next morning in different a vehicle, leaving the two men in the truck all day in the heat.

The affidavit states that Langham said she checked on Dunn and Reed that morning, and they were still asleep. Investigators allege she is responsible for leaving the men in the truck in the heat of the day, which ultimately led to the death of David Dunn.

Criminally negligent homicide is a State Jail Felony, carrying a possible punishment of 180 to two years in state jail facility and up to a $10,000 fine.

An autopsy has been ordered for Dunn.

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