Justin Todd Herod

Justin Todd Herod, pictured top left, is a tattooed, Harley riding mans-man, minister, songwriter and performer who meets people where they are in life with his music. Top right, Herod and his wife, Rainee Rae Herod, met while he was performing at her church in Ohio. The couple dated long-distance before marrying three years ago. Between them they have four children. Bottom, Justin Todd Herod performing at the Texas Country Music Association Awards last year.

Justin Todd Herod, of Palestine, will perform on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry for the 24th Annual Inspirational Country Music Associations Award Show in Nashville April 4.

This year he is nominated for both ICMA Musician of the Year and Entertainer of the Year.

“To God be the glory,” said Herod of his accolades.

Herod, 54, is a Texas based national recording artist and songwriter from Elkhart. He’s the 2017 winner of the ICMA’s “Musician of the Year,” and Associate Pastor at Trinity Church in Palestine.

Herod sings country and blues music that talks about real life and Jesus Christ. His song, “Sometimes Good People Happen To Bad Things,” has been on the Power Source music charts for several months is currently at No. 3.

Herod believes in being real and relevant and reaching people right where they are.

A tattooed, Harley riding man's-man, with a big heart, Herod is comfortable with who he is and hopes people will see his heart and spirit in everything he does, he just loves being a hardcore country guy from the south.

While many might have preconceived notions from his edgy look, he believes his songs and music speak for itself. Herod's new album is called “Working Class.”

“Most people have concept or idea of who they believe a person to be when they see someone, but when they hear music it speaks to their heart,” said Herod. “I ride a Harley. I relate to the common man. My heart is in ministry and the down trodden. I’ve been in over 500 prisons, country jails. homeless shelters, outreaches and cowboy churches all over the U.S.”

Like many Christians, Herod grew up going to church but drifted away in early adulthood.

He began playing the honky-tonks at a young age. At 29, he was in Nashville with a record and publishing deal.

The record deal fell through. He decided to pursue writing songs and independently putting out records, playing churches and working in the ministry field.

In the fall of 1996, he committed his life to share the gospel with the same country sound, but with the message of God’s amazing grace.

Since 1997, Justin has published over 100 songs, recorded in Nashville and Texas. He's also appeared on numerous television and radio programs and toured 40 states. He has 10 albums out.

His first single, from his first album, “Raising Heaven,” shares his testimony as a honky-tonk hell-raiser whose life was changed through Jesus Christ. It is that message that affords him a strong witness to share with everyday ordinary people, with everyday ordinary lives and struggles.

“Your greatest songs are written because you’ve walked through it,” Herod said. “In today’s music, a lot of people won’t talk about reality. It's not comfortable or marketable. That's why you hear a lot of Irrelevant and repetitive lyrics out there, but if you’ve been through something, sing about it, write about it. That’s what speaks to someone.”

Herod’s music might not be right for everyone, but he cherishes the response he receives from listeners who have been moved by the lyrics and the heart of his music. “There’s no feeling like it,” said Herod. “I love the Lord and his people.”

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