Amanda McKinney outside the charred remains of her home at 306 W. Reagan Street.

A fire early Thursday morning destroyed the home of Amanda McKinney at 306 W. Reagan Street in Palestine.

According to McKinney, earlier in the day a woman approached the house with an axe and broke out the window of the front door demanding property that was not in the home.

McKinney said later in the day someone tried to burn down her house by taking clothing and stuffing it under the porch and setting it on fire. McKinney put the fire out, but did not call the fire department at that time.

That evening, McKinney said she went to walk her dog, Lucky, and when she returned the house was engulfed in flames.

The structure was a total loss. McKinney received assistance by the Red Cross, who aided her a getting a hotel room and clothing.

Fire Marshall Kelly Hughes said the fire is under investigation.

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