Maureen Arndt

Consultant Maureen Arndt of 720 Design, a library planning and architecture firm, will lead community meetings via Zoom to assess needs for the Palestine Library. 

Palestine Public Library needs more information. In planning for a new permanent location, the library is asking residents to participate in live and virtual community meetings Tuesday or in an online English and Spanish survey through May 24. 

Community meetings will occur in the City Hall Chambers at 10 a.m., 1 p.m., and 6 p.m. on May 4. The public can attend meetings in person or via Zoom by registering in advance. Pre-registration for the in-person meetings is not required, but attendees must follow social distancing guidelines.

During the meetings, the library is seeking feedback on residents’ needs and use of the library. The information will serve as a basis to determine what type of building and services are desired in a new library. Attendees are urged to bring a device such as a smartphone or tablet to respond to questions during the live meetings. 

The Library Advisory Board and city council will use the data when considering whether to renovate an existing building or build anew. 

“We want to know what you want and need in a new library facility,” said Ana Sanchez, interim library director. “This will also help us determine what size and possible location.”

Consultant Maureen Arndt of 720 Design, a library planning and architecture firm, will lead the meetings from her Dallas area office via Zoom. 

“I just met with [Arndt] and she put on a great presentation,” Sanchez said. “I really hope people come and participate.”

Members of the library board and the Library Memorial Board will also attend.

The memorial board, a separate nonprofit organization, is sponsoring the $26,000 in surveys and consulting fees for the project, which began earlier this year after the advisory board approved the contract.

The city purchased the Palestine Mall in 2010 and moved the library there after the roof at the Cedar Street library collapsed in 2009. In 2019, however, the city sold the mall for $2 million to Christon Company of Dallas.

Register at one of these links to attend one of the Zoom meetings on Tuesday: 10 a.m. Zoom meeting:; 1 p.m. Zoom meeting:; 6 p.m. Zoom meeting: The links are also available on the library’s Facebook page.

Access the online survey at  For more information, call the library at (903) 729-4121.

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