A file photo of a Lemur, like Keanu, the one in Elkhart who is currently under quarantine.

ELKHART — The owner of the lemur that recently attacked a woman in an Elkhart consignment shop, has refused to surrender the exotic animal and court proceedings will now ensue.

According to Anderson County Sheriff Gregg Taylor, Tammy Baughman, the owner of the lemur, named Keanu has refused to surrender her pet or turn him over to an animal sanctuary.

Sheriff Taylor reported that the sheriff's office will now file paperwork to have Keanu declared a “dangerous animal.” He stated, “This animal has bitten more than one person, which clearly shows that he is a danger to other individuals. Now, since Baughman has refused to surrender him, we'll get the Justice Courts involved.”

For those who don't know what a lemur is, they are a arboreal primate, in the monkey family, with pointed snouts and long tails, found only in Madagascar.

Baughman's lemur bit Lucinda Washington of Elkhart at Baughman's Elkhart consignment shop on June 25, 2015. Washington was treated at a Palestine hospital and had to have stitches to close the three inch wound. This lemur also attacked a Grapeland postal worker in December of 2012. That victim, Marla Montgomery, was out of work for several weeks and required therapy during her recovery from the lemur bite.

Sheriff Taylor reported that Keanu is remains under quarantine with the Baughman family. Baughman is not allowed to take him anywhere at this time. He noted, “Due to the fact that our local animal shelter does not have the facility to hold this type of animal, the lemur is being quarantined by Ms. Baughman at her home, which is lawful, and an animal control officer will continue to make random stops by the residence throughout the mandatory quarantine period to make sure she is following their quarantine guidelines.”

Baughman has yet to comment on the incident.

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