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Palestine Police Chief Andy Harvey

What a headline: (“Harvey says he's worth top salary,” Nov. 20). It sounds as though I was standing in front of city hall with a megaphone, letting everyone know, "I am worth it."

I was asked about my salary by Palestine Herald-Press reporter Michael Maresh, whom I actually like, by the way. Funny dude. 

I don't normally respond to news articles about me or the department, unless it's egregious. I figure most people take what they hear or read in the news with a grain of salt. This one, however, deserves my attention and some personal perspective. 

People who know me understand I am as real as I can be. There are no such things as pink elephants in my world.  If I see one, I acknowledge it. That's how actual problems are solved. 

Because of my profession in city government, my salary is fair game. No problem.  You should know how much your city officials earn. 

I want to clarify and emphasize one thing: I am not unhappy about, or ungrateful for, my salary.  On the contrary, I feel blessed to be in this position. Money was not the primary factor that made me decide to apply for a job at a larger agency. Again, I was asked if that was a factor, and I candidly answered,"absolutely." Of course, it's (one) factor, but not the only one.  There are other things more important to me.    

That said, I don't, and won't, apologize for my earnings. I didn't just wake up one day and decide I am going to be a police chief. It has taken lots of work, sacrifice, and dedication to be in the position I am today.  So when I 'm asked if I am worth it – well, of course, I am going to say yes. Was I supposed to say, "no, not really?”  My mama didn't raise no fool now.

I do believe one can be both humble and confident. I've studied the topic of confidence. I have written and taught on the subject.  The opposite of confidence is insecurity. There are few things worse than an insecure leader. Interestingly, servant leaders must have a high level of self- confidence. How else could they truly place others first, if they don't  believe in themselves.

Here's my point: I love what I do!  I get to impact people everyday. That's my greatest reward.  I do believe in this principle, however: When you add value to others, success comes looking for you. I encourage each of you to chase your dreams. I wish you nothing but success. 

Thanks for your time. As Paul Harvey (no relation) used to say, “And now you know, the rest of the story.”

I am both proud and humbled to be your chief.

Palestine Police Chief Andy Harvey

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