Former City Councilman Will Brule 

City Manager Michael Hornes and City Secretary and Elections Administrator Theresa Herrera made the proper decision to remove from the Unidos website a Herald Press article (“First Latino seeks council seat,” March 26). The article profiled one of the candidates for the District 4 city council seat.

No city resources should be used in any manner which could be construed to favor one candidate over others. I am confident that was never the intent of the employee who placed the article on the city-sponsored website, and I’ve not heard anyone assert otherwise.

The problem is with unintended consequences. I understand this can be viewed as a gray area of election law, but the public, rightfully, holds the city administration and employees to a strict level of behavior.

It is understandable some may disagree with the action taken by city officials to remove the article from the Unidos website. To suggest an ulterior motive behind it, however, serves only to cause division in the community.

I am proud the city of Palestine has made so much progress in recent years to encourage, and secure, broader participation in city government. Let’s move forward and continue to unite.

Will Brule