Many Palestine residents mourn the loss of a very special friend this week — one that wore many different hats and brought joy to each person who saw her.

Loosey Goosey, a 50-pound concrete goose owned by 609 E. Park Ave. resident Phyllis Simpson, was taken from it’s permanent spot in the front yard Saturday night between 9:30 and 10 p.m.

“It just hurts my heart that someone would take something that brings so much joy to people,” Simpson said Tuesday. “Everyone in the community — neighbors, residents and even people in my Sunday school class — seems to be as upset as I am.”

Simpson said when she discovered Goosey missing, she immediately filed a report with the Palestine Police Department who took the matter of the missing goose seriously.

“The dispatcher was upset and said she would have an officer over immediately,” she said. “The officer was also very kind — he said he would drive around and see if he spotted the goose.”

Loosey Goosey, purchased in Hempstead over a year ago, was last seen in her Easter best — a blue dress and yellow hat.

“Whoever took her snatched her up and left the hat behind,” Simpson said.

Although the Simpson family takes primary responsibility of dressing Loosey Goosey and giving her a lovely home in the front yard, they feel that Goosey belongs to the entire community.

“I have had total strangers stop and give me clothes for Goosey,” Simpson said. “People literally stop traffic to stop and look at her or offer a positive comment to me about her.

“I have had people tell me that when they are sad or upset, seeing Loosey Goosey in my yard makes them feel better,” she added. “She was a really good way to get to know people in town.

“Everyone seemed to like her.”

Simpson issued a plea to the person or persons who stole Goosey to return her to her home. And those with any information on her whereabouts can contact Simpson at 903-727-8737.

“There will be no hard feelings,” she said. “We just want her back.”


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