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Local schools are preparing parents for possible closures due low staffing attendances caused by COVID-19 and other seasonal health issues.

On Wednesday, Jan. 12 Palestine Independent School District sent out a notice of possible closure due to staff absences.

The notice stated, “We are currently experiencing a high number of staff absences due to health related issues. Student absences are also increasing daily. At this time, there will be no change to the current calendar. We will not be shutting down. If employee absences continue to increase we many need to close for two days. If there are changes you will be notified on ParentSquare and through our automated call system. We will continued to monitor absences and inform you as quickly as possible if there will be need to close for two days.”

Grapeland ISD also sent out a similar notice.

According to Superintendent Don Jackson, while student attendance was at 90%, staff attendance was down to 60%. Jackson said the district was preparing for the possibility of more staff being out by notifying parents of a possible closure.

“We are monitoring the situation daily,” he said. “We wanted to give parents the opportunity to make preparations if we should cancel school.”

If the need arises, the district will close Friday, Jan. 14 and remain closed through Tuesday, Jan. 18, returning Wednesday, Jan. 19.

At this time, Elkhart, Neches and Westwood plan to continue in person learning and have no plans for possible closers.

The Herald-Press was not able to contact Cayuga, Oakwood, Slocum or Frankston schools before the close of business Wednesday.

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