There's no rest for Black Friday shoppers this year -- many stores are opening at midnight or earlier.

Shoppers planning to take advantage of Black Friday deals better start resting now, because many stores are opening earlier than ever.

Here’s a roundup of the Black Friday sale hours at major retailers.

Toys R Us - 9 p.m. Thursday at select locations. Click here to find the hours at your store.

Walmart - 10 p.m. Thursday

Target - 12 a.m. Friday

Macy’s - 12 a.m. Friday

Kohl’s - 12 a.m. Friday

Best Buy - 12 a.m. Friday

Sears - 4 a.m. Friday

J.C. Penney - 4 a.m. Friday

Kmart - 5 a.m. Friday

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