An informational and organizational meeting for the upcoming community concert association was held Nov. 14 at the Ben E. Keith conference hall.

Ava Harmon-Hanson acted as presenter and explained the purpose of the association and the history of previous community concert groups. Rosemary Biel was introduced to the group. Biel brings a great deal of knowledge and experience in organizing similar associations in other states. Biel announced that the Palestine City Council heard a report from the Arts Advisory Board and the Community Concert Series at the Nov. 13 meeting.

The following officers for the Executive Board were elected by acclamation: President, Ava Harmon-Hanson; Vice President, Shane Kapela; Secretary, Linda Walton; treasurer, Jerry Nowlin. A working title of the organization, Anderson County Concert Association, also was approved.

Other business discussed was the financial aspects of the association to include ticket pricing, production expenses and levels of membership. The number and type of concerts for the introductory Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 series were reviewed.

Gini Rainey, president of the Tyler Community Concert Association, discussed the proposed reciprocal agreement to be established between the Anderson County Concert Association and the Tyler Association.

Committees established were: Publicity and Communications, Chairman: Timothy Monk, members Eric Cates, Susan Cottle-Leonard, LaDeanne Smith; Sponsorship, Chairman: Sharon Grizzle; Membership, Chairman Shane Kapela, members Rosemary Miller, Ava Harmon-Hanson.

Anyone interested in additional information on the community concerts or in assisting on committees or on the association board is asked to contact Rosemary Biel, at 903-928-8148 or Ava Harmon-Hanson 903-391-0086.