The Anderson County district clerk's office is enjoying its new, more spacious digs at the Anderson County Courthouse after completing the move late last week.

The district clerk's office — formerly located on the courthouse's second floor — has moved down a floor to the first floor, assuming the space previously occupied by the tax assessor/collector's office.

The tax assessor/collector's office was one of several county offices to move to the Anderson County Courthouse Annex upon its opening last summer.

Earlier this year, Anderson County commissioners approved a “master plan” for renovations to the more than 90-year-old Anderson County Courthouse. The work likely will be performed in several phases.

The first office to change its locale and get a makeover was the district clerk's office.

Anderson County District Clerk Janice Staples said she and her employees moved into their new office last Thursday.

“They've repainted and carpeted and rewired,” Staples said Wednesday. “It's really nice.”

The district clerk said the basement area directly below her new first-floor office will be utilized to store records once recently-ordered shelving is in place, “probably in a couple of months.”

The district clerk handles a wide variety of duties and functions, including the filing of civil lawsuits; child support payments; and applications for passports.

One of the next offices scheduled for renovations at the courthouse is the former location of the Anderson County auditor's office. That space is expected to be converted into a courtroom and office space to be utilized by the Anderson County court-at-law.


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