The month-long filing period for Anderson County political office seekers begins Saturday, with aspiring candidates formalizing their intentions by paying a fee and completing the appropriate paperwork through their party chairman.

The filing period continues through Monday, Jan. 2.

Party primary elections are set for March 7, while next year's general election scheduled for Nov. 7.

There are a handful of countywide races on the 2006 ballot including county judge; treasurer; tax assessor/collector; and clerk, in addition to a number of precinct races.

As of Monday afternoon, 17 candidates had designated campaign treasurers, allowing them to collect and expend funds in association with their political bids.

Six of those candidates have declared their plans to seek the Anderson County precinct 2 commissioner's position.

Current Precinct 2 Commissioner Darrell Emanuel has maintained that he intends to serve a single four-year term.

Prospective candidates with campaign treasurers on file as of Monday afternoon included:

• County judge — Ava Harmon, Carey G. McKinney, Susan Perryman-Evans and Jack W. Rogers.

• County clerk — Wanda Burke.

• County tax assessor/collector — Donna Bentley and Teri Garvey.

• County treasurer — Sharon Peterson.

• Justice of the peace, precinct 1 — Pat Douthit-Green and Gary Thomas.

• Justice of the peace, precinct 3 — James Todd.

• Commissioner, precinct 2 — Jacques Bell, James "Larry" Coker, Phillip W. Crutcher, Rodney Howard, Rashad Mims I and Lawrence Terry.

Larry Davis serves as the Anderson County Democratic Party chairman, while Paul Holser is the chairman of the Anderson County Republican Party.

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