Already blistered from the extended drought, East Texans should expect more of the same for the near future according to the National Weather Service in Fort Worth.

Over the past couple of weeks a steady stream of Pacific fronts have been moving across the area keeping the temperatures warm and the air dry, according to NWS Meteorologist Jennifer Dunn.

“The (air) ridge to the west of us hasn’t been as big (lately),” Dunn said, “which has allowed the Pacific fronts to move across.”

On Wednesday, the ridge became bigger which allowed cooler air from an Arctic front to move into the area bringing cooler temperatures with it, but still no rain, according to Dunn.

In fact, the meteorologist said no rain is expected across East Texas over the next several days.

With the front came high winds and an increased fire danger for Thursday, Dunn added, so East Texans should take precautions against outdoor burning and the use of combustible material. Sunday also is expected to be a day for high fire danger with possible strong winds.

As for the needed rain, Dunn said the conditions just haven’t been right for moisture to move into the area.

“The Gulf has been closed off,” Dunn said. “The winds haven’t been in the right direction to bring moisture up from the south.”

In order for Gulf moisture to enter the area, Dunn said the winds need to be coming from the south and the east and then mix with the right kind of weather pattern.

“It’s a complicated thing,” Dunn admitted. “Everything has to be just right for it to rain and we haven’t had that recently.”

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