A 17-year-old Frankston man was arrested and charged with burglary of a habitation following an incident Wednesday near Tennessee Colony.

Dustin Blake Husemann, 17, of Frankston was arrested on the charge of burglary of a habitation Wednesday and may face additional charges, according to Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor.

Husemann was arrested by Anderson County sheriff’s authorities after being found at a residence on Private Road 8327 off of FM 321 in Yard Wednesday, according to the sheriff.

Earlier, Anderson County authorities had been dispatched to a residence in the 2000 block of CR 2610 in the Tennessee Colony area in reference to three males causing a disturbance, according to Taylor.

Upon their arrival around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, officers were told that three males in a white Chevrolet pickup had arrived at the residence apparently looking for a man they had been in some type of disagreement with the previous day, Taylor told the Herald-Press.

One of the subjects -- later identified as Husemann -- got out of the pickup and walked up to the residence’s door and “jiggled it until it came open and went in the house,” Taylor said.

“The mother (of the 21-year-old man they were looking for) was in the house,” the sheriff continued.

Using profanity, Husemann asked the woman the whereabouts of her son, adding, “I’m going to kill him,’” Taylor said.

In the meantime, the woman’s 21-year-old son had returned to the area and was hiding in the woods, “but they spotted him,” according to the sheriff.

Husemann and the other two men -- ages 19 and 21 -- apparently became aware that law enforcement had been contacted and left in the pickup, Taylor said.

“As they were leaving (in the pickup), the victim (the 21-year-old man) alleges they hit him,” the sheriff said.

The man did not sustain any “notable” injuries, but there was some damage to the truck’s grill, the sheriff stated.

Through investigation, Husemann and the two other men were later located at residence on Private Road 8327.

Several bottles of prescription medication, including Hydrocodone, believed to have been stolen in a burglary of a vehicle the previous day were located inside the residence, Taylor said.

Husemann and the two other men were subsequently transported to the Anderson County Jail for further interviews, according to the sheriff.

Husemann was ultimately arrested, while the other two men were released, he added.

Since Husemann entered the residence without the owner’s consent in an attempt “to commit another felony,” he was charged with burglary of a habitation under state law, Taylor explained.

Records showed Husemann was released from the jail Wednesday night after posting a $10,000 bond set by Anderson County Justice of the Peace Carl Davis.

Although legal in many Texas jurisdictions, including rural parts of Anderson County, officers also discovered K-2 inside the residence where the men were located, according to the sheriff.

K-2 is a synthetic which can be smoked and gives its users a “high” similar to or, in some cases, more intense than marijuana, Taylor said.

“They had been smoking it,” Taylor said. “There were bongs in the house and remnants of K-2.”

In recent years, K-2 has been marketed and sold as an incense by some smoke shops in Texas.

Many municipalities, including Palestine, have either banned its use or in the process of considering some type of ban.

Earlier this month, the Palestine City Council approved an ordinance banning the use and possession of K-2 within the city limits.


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