Palestine police are continuing to investigate an early morning robbery at a local restaurant during which a man allegedly stole $100 and then pulled a pocket knife on his pursuers.

Shortly before 1 a.m. Wednesday, Palestine Assistant Police Chief Brian Wharton said his agency responded to a report of a fight in the parking lot of the Pitt Grill restaurant at 1600 W. Palestine Ave.

Shortly after their arrival, officers “were directed to the rear of the building” where witnesses reported that the alleged offender had left the scene in a “dark-colored vehicle.”

After unsuccessfully searching the area for a vehicle matching the description given by witnesses, Wharton said officers returned to the restaurant and took statements.

The alleged victim told officers “he had been in the restaurant eating with friends and had placed some money on the table to pay his bill when another individual walked up to the table and began a conversation with him,” according to Wharton.

“That individual left and the money also left,” the assistant chief added.

A police report indicated $100 was taken during the robbery.

Two people sitting at the table immediately exited the restaurant and confronted the alleged offender, Wharton said.

“The alleged offender is alleged to have produced a pocket knife to facilitate his side of the argument,” Wharton said.

At one point, the alleged offender chased the men around a parked vehicle “a couple of times,” making threatening statements and brandishing the knife in an aggressive fashion.

“The offender then retreats to the rear of the restaurant where he gets into an awaiting vehicle,” Wharton said.

No one was injured during the commission of the offense.

The assistant chief said the alleged offender is a known person to the victim.

Wharton said his agency’s investigation into the aggravated robbery is continuing, but no charges had been filed as of Thursday morning.


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