Authorities are warning citizens of a carjacking ploy in which the perpetrator places a sheet of paper on the back windshield of a vehicle and then springs into action when the driver goes to investigate.

Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor said his agency received an e-mail from a representative of the Conroe Police Department this month describing the recently-utilized tactics of some carjackers.

"Apparently, the carjackers will attach a small piece of paper to the back windshield," Taylor said. "Of course, most people are going to (quickly) stop; put the car in park; get out; and get it...You want to see if somebody left you "That's when the carjacker springs into action and jumps into your car," he continued. "If you get in their way, they run over you."

Once the offender has your car, "They've got your house keys, your identity and your wallet,'" Taylor pointed out.

Although carjackings typically occur less in rural settings, the sheriff warned "it could happen here."

If a citizen finds such a note on their back windshield or faces a similar situation, Taylor offered a simple tip.

"You should drive away and get away from the parking lot area," the sheriff said. One should not stop until they have traveled a comfortable distance or reached a well-lighted, public setting, he added.

"We just want citizens to be careful," Taylor said. "They don't need to be scared, they just need to be smart."


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