Locals share snow photos

The Herald-Press asked locals to share their snow photos Sunday, Jan. 10 on its Facebook page to publish in Tuesday's edition of the paper. There were more than 700 posts on that feed. There were so many great pictures to pick from, but we couldn't share them all, so we hope everyone will be sure and check out those photos on our feed. 

Here are three that appear in tomorrow's edition: 

The Tunstall family, with the help of a neighbor, built the snowman, on the right, Sunday, Jan. 10.

The seasonal visitor had eyes made of limes, a carrot nose, a grape Twizzler candy mouth, sweet gum balls for buttons and stick arms. To make him more lifelike, the building crew added a hat and scarf.

The family’s dog, Gris, ate the snowman’s candy mouth shortly after the photo was taken, however, their mom, Charlie said it was just before bed when Cooper and Cohen realized it was gone.

This was Cooper’s, 7, and Cohen’s, 8, first big snow and first opportunity to build a snowman.

Top left, Kayla Denise Boyd spotted “Elsa” making snow flurries and we also received this pictures of two snow angels, bottom left.