Anne Pyle

Anne Pyle

The Palestine affiliate group of the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Texas is hosting a Zoom mental health interest meeting at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 17.

NAMI Texas is a non-profit, advocates for the mentally ill and their families, including people experiencing bi-polar disorder, mania, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, and personality disorders.

Meetings feature a speaker sharing information on, among other things, self-improvement, outreach, and affordable options for those with mental health issues. Discussion groups will follow.

The group held its first meeting a few weeks prior to the COVID-19 statewide shutdown, but has not been able to hold subsequent meetings due to the nationwide pandemic. It was recently regrouped and are ready to reach out to members of the community in need of its services.

Interested persons will discuss the group's mission in Palestine, leadership roles and how it can serve the area through outreach and advocacy.

Anne Pyle, the founder of Palestine’s affiliate, said her reason for developing a local group was to give community members facing mental health issues a safe haven.

“There is almost no mental health care or support here in Palestine,” Pyle said. “It is my goal to help erase the stigma that surrounds mental illness. I want people to know it’s OK to have these struggles; it's OK to seek help.”

The local affiliate will serve as, among other things, a support group for those with mental health issues, and for family members, caretakers, and friends.

“It’s all confidential,” Pyle said. “We want to help people get stronger, healthier and more independent.”

NAMI Texas, founded by volunteers in 1984, has 27 local affiliates, with nearly 2,000 members, including those living with mental illness, their families and friends, and mental health professionals.

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