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Greg Walker of Palestine pictured pumping iron Wednesday at Anytime Fitness at 2190 TX-256 Loop .

As 2020 comes to a close, it's time again for New Year's resolutions. Among the most popular are getting more exercise, losing weight, reducing stress and saving money.

While many people make resolutions, few stick to them for long.

Why do some people give up on their fitness goals while others seem able to stick to their plan through the ups and downs? Is it willpower? Motivation? Or is it simply how we define success?

The answer, it seems, lies in changing one's lifestyle and not just buying into trends or fads.

So, in 2021, commit to adopting a healthy, balanced lifestyle and it will create momentum to keep going, so you never have to think about creating a New Year’s resolution again.

A couple of local businesses offered some insight on what it takes to achieve short and long-term goals.

"My best advice, especially as someone who lives by this, is to learn to take care of your bodies naturally." said Jamie Rhone of Jamie's Therapeutic Touch Day Spa. "Drink lots of water, and add essential oils like citrus to enhance it, and don't forget working out to help sweat out toxins, getting plenty of sleep to let the body heal."

Andrea Ivins, a Personal Trainer with Anytime Fitness agrees it's the definition of success that may be holding some people back. She said it's not about the outcome but the daily results such as tracking workouts and increasing daily water intake.

“We acknowledge the results, such as losing 50 pounds,” she said. “But not the boring, tedious, annoying, mundane daily behaviors we have to repeat over and over.”

Ivins recommends defining success as completing those boring little daily tasks.

“You are far more likely to not only achieve the desired outcome but often even achieve better results than you dreamed of,” she said. “Make sure you see those habit changes as wins.”

Ivins is doing a weight loss challenge starting in January and giving out free weight loss services to help people stay on track.

Also, don't forget that you can de-stress by having a monthly sauna session or massage. These help your body work the way it is supposed to and reset your body after getting back into these workouts.

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