Fireworks 4

The city of Palestine's firework show is still on for 9 p.m. Friday in Steven Bennet Park.

Gov. Greg Abbot’s new orders on Friday gave cities the authority to approve community gatherings of over 100 people.

“Since our numbers are relatively low, and it seems outdoor gatherings are far less likely to spread the virus, we are going to proceed with this year’s firework show,” Mayor Steve Presley said. “We are asking people to stay in their cars and keep the proper distance from others. If they are not going to distance themselves, we are asking them to wear masks.”

As of Monday, Anderson County had 31 active COVID-19 cases.

“If our number of active cases in the community was to reach 100, or we saw a surge of hospitalizations from the virus, then I would reconsider holding the event,” Presley said. “We just hope everyone will be responsible and take the proper precautions to keep them and their family members safely distanced during the event.”

The Palestine Police Department will shut down the area of Loop 304 in the vicinity of Steven Bennett Park/Story Elementary School.

Residents may park in the areas around the school and park. Police Chief Mark Harcrow urges people to be respectful of businesses and home owners.

“Every year we get calls from home owners and business owners about people blocking their driveways and parking lots,” said Harcrow. “Please be mindful of other people and their property, people needing to get in and out of their homes, and places of businesses that are still trying to conduct business around the time of the firework show.”

The show will begin shortly after 9 p.m. You can tune into 98.3 KYYK radio station to hear accompaniment music.

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