City of Palestine: As of this Saturday morning, our crews are still working hard to make sure water is fully restored. Water is being pumped at full capacity and out of our two storage tanks, one is still increasing steadily, but the other is not.

What does this mean?

This means that somewhere along the distribution system we are losing water, but we cannot find the source of the leak. Our crews are actively searching wooded areas and around creeks, and we need any assistance our residents can provide. We ask you to please report any major leaks, busted water lines, or large pools of water.

We are aware that there are residents that still have no water and others that are only getting a trickle. We are working to solve this, but those that are getting water can also help. We ask you to only use the minimum amount of water necessary so that our storage can continue to increase and be able to distribute the water to everyone. At this point, water is being used as fast as it is being distributed and is making it difficult for our systems to build up pressure and distribute water efficiently.

While we wait for our system to properly distribute water to all residents and while our crews figure out if and where we may have any leaks, our city officials are looking for alternate sources of water.

-We are currently working with Anderson County Emergency Management to get firetrucks to bring in water to distribute.

-We are also in talks with other municipalities to help us by providing water to our residents.

**While we continue to look for resources to distribute water locally, residents can go to the Walston Springs Water Corporation at 1370 FM2419, Palestine, TX 75801 to get drinking water. You must provide your own jugs or containers. The Walston Springs Tower is located by their office and they will have a water hose connected to the tower so that residents can fill up on drinking water.

Be assured that we are working on this nonstop and making sure everyone has water is our priority.

We do need your help.

1) If you are getting water, please ONLY use the minimum that you need.

2) Report water line breaks or pools of water.

3) Let us know if you do not have water so that we can isolate the areas that are lacking water.

To report busted water lines, leaks, pooled water, you can send us a message here or call 903-729-2254. We are aware that there have been issues with that number due to it being down. The line is working now, but if you continue to have issues, send a private message to this page.

Again, we know this is a very frustrating time, but please know that we are working nonstop to make sure everyone has water.

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