Dr. Carolyn Salter demonstrates mask hacks, or simple ways to help masks fit more comfortably, on “The List,” a syndicated television program that airs in more than 50 markets.

With masks now required in public venues, most users will be glad to know there are hacks to ease the burden of wearing them. Dr. Carolyn Salter of Palestine’s Sycamore Medical Clinic demonstrated mask hacks on “The List,” a nationally-syndicated television program that aired July 17. 

Most of the hacks in “A Doctor’s Hacks for a More Comfortable Face Mask,” remedy common complaints, such as poor or uncomfortable fit, foggy glasses, and ear flap strain. The hacks are inexpensive and easy to implement. 

Salter (D-Palestine), who is running for the fifth congressional district against Lance Gooden (R-Terrell), is promoting precautions to prevent and reduce the spread of COVID-19 on live Facebook videos every Monday and Friday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. The programs are available for viewing on the campaign’s Facebook site. 

“The List” Associate Producer Todd Cavelli said he wanted to make a simple video that combines all the hacks. He produced the brief how-to program remotely, with help from Salter’s assistant finance director, Nate Leman, who shot video with his cell phone. The two-minute, 27-second program required about 48 hours of production, but delivers the following effective tips:

Adjust for a better fit. For a better mask fit, adjust the metal pin at the top of the mask to conform to the bridge of the nose. Also, open the mask and stretch it below the chin before applying the ear straps. 

Prevent fogging. Having a tight seal on the mask also prevents fogging, but if that doesn’t work, wash glasses in warm, soapy water, leaving a little “soapy residue” on the glasses before rubbing them dry. 

Reduce ear strain. People who feel their masks tugging on their ears can avoid it by looping  two stretchy rubber bands around each of the straps and attaching them with a paperclip.

Adjust masks to fit kids. Fold the mask in half lengthwise and tie a knot on each end to shorten the straps. Fit the mask to the child’s face. 

Salter recommends wearing masks in public to prevent the spread of COVID-19. “We’re going to have to wear masks all the time out in public to protect our families and our loved ones, as well as ourselves,” she said. She also recommends the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control’s) YouTube channel as a good information source about other COVID-19 issues.

“The List” airs on four major television news networks five nights a week, including ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News, in roughly 50 cities across the US. Salter’s program ran July 17, but is available on “The List’s” website. 

Cavelli said he selected Salter from a list of physicians who could speak on COVID-19 prevention. Cavelli told the Herald-Press that he contacted Salter first because he believes people are more likely to listen to a woman’s advice. 

“We’ve gotten lots of positive emails from the mask-hack show, and people really liked it,” Cavelli said. “We hope to have [Salter] on again because she was so great. She was super nice and super professional.”

View "The List" at www.thelisttv.com.

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