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The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a telephone scam targeting sex offenders living within Anderson County.

On Sunday, Oct. 11, ACSO took approximately five reports of an unknown person attempting to scam citizens of Anderson County.

Through their initial investigation, the ACSO believes the scammer is targeting persons who are registered sex offenders who live within Anderson County. Convicted sex offender lists are available to the public through many online sources, making an easy list for a scammer to find and utilize.

The scammer identifying himself as an Anderson County Deputy with the rank of a sergeant, using several names, some names of past employees of the ACSO.

The scammer tells victims there is a warrant for their arrest for failing to comply with DNA testing and they need to pay a fine to clear the warrant.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office will never call you demanding payment over the phone.

The scammer offers multiple was to pay which include paying through a cash app and prepaid cards. The cash app connects to the person’s bank account and can attempt to withdraw money after the initial payment.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office has an open investigation into the scam which include charges of Forgery and Impersonating a Public Servant, both charges are felony charges.

Anyone having information on the scam is encouraged to contact the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office’s Criminal Investigation Department.

Anyone can be a victim of a scam.

Anderson County has multiple scams currently being reported some of the scams are the above mentioned scam, a scam about IRS debt, a scam about misuse of social security number and a scam about a loved one being in jail and needing money.

Please remember to research anyone claiming you owe them money. Do not send money over the phone without having verification that the debt collector is a legitimate collector.

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