This year's keynote speaker for the Green Bay School Reunion will be Frank D. Jackson. 

Green Bay School Alumni will celebrate their 49th annual homecoming reunion Saturday, July 6, at the Green Bay Community Center, 10443 S. Highway 79.

“This year’s theme is, “Still Keeping the Legacy Alive,” alumna June McCoy said. “It is our continued hope that we can get more of our family members to pick up our torch and carry forward our history when our alumni members are all gone.”

McCoy hopes younger people will get interested and involved in the community center, and become more aware of the school's history.

“We have worked so hard to preserve this history,” McCoy said. “When our alumni members are gone, it will be lost if no one continues to champion our legacy in the community.

“We hope you will bring your children and grandchildren with you this year. This is your legacy. We hope the next generation will help us to ensure that history is never lost.”

Registration will begin at 10 a.m.

A variety of presentations and memorabilia will highlight the school's legacy and history.

This year’s keynote speaker will be Frank D. Jackson.

“Each alumni member, or family, is asked to donate $100, but any donation is helpful in continuing to preserve the school’s history and upkeep of the building,” McCoy said.

They also sell barbecue plate dinners with sides, dessert, and drinks that day for $10 as a fundraiser for the center.

An African American school, Green Bay traces its origin to Oct. 11, 1889, when 11 African-American men from the community formed a board of trustees and organized a school for the area's black children.

The first school facility was provided by the Green Bay Methodist Church.

New school buildings were erected in the early 1900s that also housed the Mt. Sinai Masonic Lodge. Many teachers served the school. Area African-American students attended, until desegregation of area school systems was achieved in 1966.

Students and faculty from Green Bay School were integrated into the Westwood Independent School District.

One of the old school buildings now serves as the Green Bay Community Center, a nonprofit organization to preserve the legacy of Green Bay School.