Dylan Duhon

The Houston County Sheriff's Office arrested a second suspect for criminally negligent homicide Thursday, in connection with the death of David Dunn, 17, who was found dead Tuesday, July 14 in a hot vehicle at a home in Grapeland.

Dylan Duhon, 19, was booked in and bailed out of the Houston County Jail Thursday on an $8,000 bond.

This follows the Tuesday arrest of his girlfriend Ashley Langham, 18, for the same charge.

Duhon was previously arrested in the investigation of this case on two felony and one misdemeanor charge for possession of drugs.

Initially law enforcement believed this was a drug-related case, but through further investigation learned that Duhon and Langham went to work July 14 leaving Dunn, of Grapeland, and Jaelynn Reed, 18 of Palestine, passed out all day in a hot vehicle on Rockhill Road.

According to the National Weather Service in Fort Worth, the high from noon until 10 p.m. July 14 was 98 degrees.

The results of the autopsy and toxicology reports on Dunn are still not available and a cause of death has not been released. The charges in this case could change based on the results of the autopsy and toxicology report.

According to arrest affidavits and interviews with the Houston County Sheriff, Duhon and Langham had taken Dunn and Reed to Houston the night before to purchase the drugs found in the home. Dunn and Reed were in the back seat of the truck and deputies believe they were passed out when they arrived at the home in Grapeland.

Authorities believe the two men were still unconscious in the back seat of the truck the following morning, so Duhon had Langham take him to work in a different vehicle, leaving the two men in the truck all day in the heat.

When Duhon returned home from work, he called 911 after finding them unresponsive.

When deputies arrived, they found Dunn lying dead on the ground next to Duhon’s pickup. Reed was also found at the scene, believed by officers at the time to be suffering from a drug-related issue, and was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Tyler.

Duhon consented to a search of the home and officers located a brown paper bag filled with approximately 69 grams of marijuana, approximately 160 grams of Alprazolam (Xanax) and approximately 10 grams of Hydrocodone pills.

Duhon denied the drugs belonged to him, however, since he is the renter and considered to be in “care, custody, control and management of the residence” when the drugs were found he was arrested for the possession of the illegal substances.

This case is still under investigation.

Duhon and Langham are to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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