Dollar Tree shoppers and employees received a shock this evening when a pickup truck drove through the front door of the store located in the Palestine Plaza.

According to Chief Mark Harcrow, a 65 year-old male driver of a white dodge was backing up when he struck another vehicle, in his attempt to drive forward, the man’s medical boot got caught in his pedals and pressed down on the accelerator causing the truck to drive through the front doors of the store.

“I was shopping, and I heard a noise and thought someone had dropped a bomb on the building,” 83-year-old James Singleton said. “The good Lord was watching over everybody in there and thankfully I don’t think anyone was hurt.”

Singleton said there was about 20 people shopping in the store at the time of the accident.

Jessica Harris was another shopper in the store, checking out at Register 1, at the time of accident.

“I’m shook up because I was just in a t-bone accident last Friday,” Harris said. “I was standing at the register when the man driving the truck backed up and hit a red truck, and I guess when he was trying to pull forward, instead of hitting the brakes, he hit the gas and drove straight into the store.”

Pointing to a couple in the parking area in front of the store, Harris said, “That couple right there had just walked through that area before the truck drove into the store.”

There were no injuries.

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