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Election results are in, June runoff election for Mayor



There will be a runoff election for Palestine mayor between Mitchell Jordan who received 31% of the vote and Dana Goolsby who garnered 41% on Saturday. Tonya Renee Willis received 28% of the vote.

A runoff election is set tentatively for Saturday, June 12, with early voting to be held weekdays only Tuesday, June 1 through Tuesday, June 8. The Palestine City Council will canvass the May 1 election at 4 p.m. on Friday and set the details for the runoff election at that meeting.

“I want to thank everyone that voted,” Jordan said. “I had an idea that with three candidates this could could be a potential runoff and three strong candidates. Those that didn’t get to vote, now have a second chance and they need to make it count. You don’t get too many second chances.”

Jordan said those who did not register to vote in time for this election, now have an opportunity to register to vote in time for the runoff election.

“The greatest honor I have ever received is the support the community has shown me during this election,” Goolsby said. “I hope that in the coming weeks I will have the opportunity to earn support from other voters, and perhaps some who missed the opportunity to vote the first time, in the runoff election.”

Ava Harmon received 51% of the vote over Melody Jordan Knowles' 34% and Barbara Jordan’s 14%. Harmon will be the new District 2 Council member.

Harmon said she was “humbled” by her win and would work hard and be a listening ear for her district.

Although Barbara Jordan withdrew, it was too late to take her name off the ballot.

Dustin Frazier received 70% of the vote over incumbent Joe Baxter’s 29% and will take the District 4 council seat.

Justin K. Florence was unopposed for the District 6 position.

Proposition 1, to use 0.125% (1/8%) of the current local sales and use the tax to provide funding for maintenance and repair of city streets, passed with 86% of voters in favor to 14% against.

In the Palestine Independent School District Board of Trustees election, Dr. Michael Garcia was the winner for Place 2 with 575 votes to incumbent Brandon Sheeley’s 478.

Incumbent Dyna Tutt was unopposed for Place 1.

Westwood Independent School District canceled its school board election in March because incumbents in Place 1 and 4 filed to run but were unopposed.

Angela Choate will retain Trustee Position 1 and Leonard Armstrong will retain Trustee Position 4.

There was not a city election in the Elkhart, as all candidates are running unopposed.

Incumbent Jennifer McCoy was unopposed for mayor.

Daryll Faulk was unopposed for City Council Place 2.

James Warren was unopposed for City Council Place 4.

Tammy Baughman was also unopposed for the unexpired term of City Council Place 3.

Elkhart voters selected school board candidates for four positions, though only two were contested.

For Position 2, Nichole Marsh received 28 votes to Stephen Ham’s 135.

Tate Molandes received 56 votes to Aimee Quick Johnson’s 107 for Position 3. Winners of these elections will serve only one year because both positions have unexpired terms.

Chad Steely, unopposed for Position 6, received 139 votes and Charles McShan running unopposed for Position 7 received 129.

Like Palestine, the city of Frankston also had a joint city and school board election.

For the Frankston Independent School Board of Trustee elections, Sheila J. Smith, unopposed for Trustee Place 1, received 186 votes, Junior Mascorro, unopposed for Trustee Place 3, received 157 votes and Brian Merritt, unopposed for Trustee Place 5, had 161 votes.

J.R. Newman received 139 votes to secure the spot over Christopher C. Morton who had 63 votes for Trustee Place 4.

For the office of Mayor, Tommy Carr had 88 votes over Gerald M Hall Jr. who had 31 votes.

For Place 2 Councilman, Shannon Phillips-Hall had 35 votes and Lesia Main received 70 votes.

Sharyn Harrison, running unopposed for Place 3 Councilman, received 96 votes.

For Place 4 Councilman Johnnie Day had 71 votes over Alfonso Lang with 46 votes.

Greg Main, unopposed for Place 5 Councilman, had 95 votes.

Roger McDonald, unopposed for Place 6 Councilman, had 102 votes.

On the Proposition to reauthorize local sales and use tax at the rate of one-fourth of one percent to provide revenue for maintenance and repair of municipal streets, there were 101 votes for and 12 votes against.

Unofficial Canvas of the City of Palestine Election:


Mitchell Jordan – 400 – 31%

Dana Goolsby – 529 – 41%

Tonya Renee Willis – 357 – 28%

Council District 2

Melody Jordan Knowles – 74 – 35%

Barbara Jordan – 30 – 14%

Ava Harmon – 108 – 51%

Council District 4

Joe Baxter – 73 – 29%

Dustin E. Frazier – 176 – 71%

Proposition 1

For – 1068 – 86%

Against – 169 – 14%

Unofficial Election Results for Palestine ISD Board of Trustees

Place 1

Dyna Tutt - 864

Place 2

Dr. Michael Garcia – 575

Brandon Sheeley - 478

Unofficial Election Results for Elkhart ISD Board of Trustees

Position 2

Stephen Ham - 135

Nichole Marsh – 28

Position 3

Tate Molandes – 56

Aimee Quick Johnson – 107

Position 6

Chad Steely 139

Position 7

Charles McShan – 129

Unofficial Election Results for Frankston ISD Board of Trustees

Trustee Place 1

Sheila J. Smith - 186

Trustee Place 2

Junior Mascorro - 157

Trustee Place 4

J.R. Newman - 139

Christopher C. Morton who had 63

Trustee Place 5

Brian Merritt - 161

Unofficial Canvas of the City of Frankston Election


Tommy Carr - 88

Gerald M Hall Jr. - 31

Place 2 Councilman

Shannon Phillips-Hall – 35

Lesia Main - 70 votes.

Place 3 Councilman

Sharyn Harrison - 96

For Place 4 Councilman

Johnnie Day - 71

Alfonso Lang - 46 votes.

Place 5 Councilman

Greg Main - 95

Place 6 Councilman

Roger McDonald - 102

Proposition 1

For - 101

Against - 12

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