Thomas Kamp with sons

Thomas Kamp with sons - Roland, Quinton, Austin and Nathan. Photo taken in March.

The family member of two victims at the Tennessee Colony campsite shared the reason behind the alleged murderer's anger.

Carina Kamp, ex-wife of 45-year-old victim Thomas Kamp and mother of 23-year-old Nathan Kamp and 21-year-old Austin Kamp, said her sons were spending the weekend with their father on a camping trip.

Early Sunday morning, the Anderson County Sheriff's Office responded to a double homicide between Harmony Community and Tennessee Colony. Deputies discovered bodies belonging to one man and one female inside of a travel trailer on private property. Through further investigation, they discovered four more bodies in a pond on adjoining land belonging to the suspect, William Mitchell Hudson.

Hudson, 33, of Tennessee Colony is currently being charged with one count of murder and maybe be implicated in all six deaths, according to the Anderson County District Attorney's office.

Thomas, Nathan, and Austin along with three more victims, one being a six-year-old child, were found on property located on ACR 2217 between the Harmony Community and Tennessee Colony. The other three victims are being identified as Hannah Johnson, her father 77-year-old Carl Johnson, and her son 6-year-old Kade Johnson. Hannah's mother, Cynthia Johnson was the lone survivor of the massacre and made the 911 call after hiding in the woods for several hours.

The Johnsons and their daughter had moved to Texas from Farmington, Maine, when they retired from the University of Maine. The daughter and her son lived with Thomas in the Dallas suburb of Midlothian. Nathan and Austin were visiting from Oceanside, Calif.

Carina said her family was told that Hudson's father owned the land sold to Thomas in August. Hudson's father died shortly after the purchased.

Thomas Kamp chain locked the property after the purchased, closing off the land to Hudson. Carina explained she was told Hudson was angry about his father's transaction of the land and that Thomas put a gate up making the land private.

Carina said Hudson cut the lock and regained possession of the land without Thomas' knowledge. Thomas found out during the recent weekend visit which later ended fatally.

“Mine and my family's theory is that Mr. Hudson got mad that my husband bought the land and this [the murders]was something he planned on doing,” Carina said.

Carina expressed her hate for Texas and said it led to her divorce. The family moved from California to Midlothian in 2002 for Thomas. In 2007, Carina and Thomas divorced and she moved with their four sons – Nathan, Austin, Quniton and Roland – to Carlsbad, Calif. Carina said Thomas continued to be “a loving father and wonderful man. We have been close our whole lives. I love him more than anything.”

Carina's sister Elizabeth Lujambio is taking care of the arrangements for the Kamp family.

All information in this article comes from the victim's ex-wife and the CNHI network.

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