Whiskey Myers

Cody Cannon, lead singer of Whiskey Myers. 

Fresh off a European tour, Whiskey Myers returns home to Palestine Saturday for the band's second Wiggy Thump Festival.

“We're excited to be coming home,” said Whiskey Myer's lead singer Cody Cannon. The Steel Woods, Read Southhall Band, and Christ Colston will join the band.

“We are hoping that it'll continue to be a big success so that we can continue to do it annually,” Cannon said.

The Wiggy Thump Festival will kick off at 4 p.m. Saturday at the Anderson County Youth Livestock Area.

Tickets are $25 pre-sale; $30 at the gate. Parking is $10. Tickets, food, drinks, and parking are cash only.

The band plays only about 30 gigs a year in Texas, but this one's special to Whiskey Myers. It's a homecoming and way to thank the community they grew up in.

“We don't get to visit Palestine as much as we'd like,” Cannon said. “With all of us living elsewhere, it's good to get home and see our family and friends. We are hoping all of our friends, fans, and family come out to see us and show their support for the Anderson County Youth Livestock Association.”

Things have really revved up for the band in the last year, especially after appearing in a cameo in the fourth episode of the hit Paramount television series, Yellowstone, featuring Kevin Costner. The band not only appeared on the show but had seven songs featured on four episodes.

“Taylor Sheridan, the creator of the show, was a fan of ours and reached out to us,” Cannon said. “It was pretty crazy. We had no idea what it would mean for us at the time.”

Their music also will be featured in Yellowstone's second season, beginning June 20.

Cannon said the band enjoyed filming the bar scene and meeting the stars of the show.

“We had a great time,” said Cannon. “Everyone was on set was pretty cool. It was a great experience.”

After appearing on the episode that features the band playing in a bar room, the show’s 4.5 million viewers sent the band’s 2016 album Mud to No. 1 on the iTunes country chart and Top 20 all genre.

The 2011 album Firewater and 2014’s Early Morning Shakes also hit the Top 10 country albums and Top 50 all-genre. Five songs off the 2+ year- old-albums also charted in the iTunes Top 200, with “Stone” hitting the Top 10 on the country chart.

In Europe during a 15-date tour, the band performed for more than 100,000 fans at the Download Festival in London and Paris.

“Over the years we’ve develop a pretty strong fan base in Europe,” Cannon said.

The band, he said, has toured Europe three to five times. “It all sort of runs together after a while, especially when you’ve been on the road a while,” Cannon said. “You don’t forget the people or the experiences, but the road part can be a bit of a blur.”

The band has sold out 95 percent of its headline dates over the last two years, including shows at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth.

The band is producing its fifth studio album, which is expected to drop this fall.

“I think this will be our best album yet,” Cannon said. “We enjoy producing our own albums because we have more control of the music. We are staying true to ourselves, our sound, and our brand of music.”

They are currently on the road for their 2019 Die Rockin’ Tour that kicked off in January in Birmingham, Ala. It continues all year with festival stops at Stagecoach and Cotton Fest.

The band will play with The Rolling Stones on it is massive “No Filter” North American Tour, it was announced Thursday, opening for Mick Jagger and crew at Soldier Field in Chicago on June 25.

Hailing from Palestine, Whiskey Myers is made up of Cody Cannon (lead vocals and acoustic guitar), Cody Tate (lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocal), John Jeffers (lead rhythm and slide guitar, lap steel, backing vocals), Jeff Hogg (drums), Jamey Gleaves (bass), and Tony Kent (percussion).

Former band member Gary Brown, bass player, a founding member of the band, left in 2017 to spend more time with his family.

The band started when friends Cody Cannon and John Jeffers began learning guitar together, inspired by the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams, Jr., Waylon Jennings, and others. After joining Cannon's co-worker and friend Cody Tate, they began calling themselves Lucky Southern. After playing together for a while, the three decided to start a more serious band. They enlisted friend Jeff Hogg to play drums, and asked Cannon's cousin Gary Brown to play bass (although he did not know how to play the instrument at the time).

Some of us locals remember the band's first gigs on a flatbed trailer, with a follow up performance at the first Watermelon Festival in Grapeland, before they began playing shows around Palestine and Texas, slowly starting to build a following on the Texas/Red Dirt scene.

In 2008, the band released its debut album, Road of Life. Their second album, Firewater, was released by Wiggy Thump in 2011 and debuted in the Top 30 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart, largely thanks to the single "Ballad of a Southern Man". On Feb. 4, 2014, the album, Early Morning Shakes, was released to mostly positive reviews.

The last studio album, Mud, was released Sept. 9, 2016.

No outside food or drinks are allowed at the Wiggy Thump Festival.

This is a rain or shine event. No refunds or exchanges.

Folding chairs are allowed in limited space. No re-entry if you leave the event.