Marie Murray was born on Dec. 19, 1920. 

Marie Murray, a resident of Windermere at Cartmell Assisted Living, celebrates her 100 birthday on Saturday, Dec. 19.

Marie was born in Center, Texas on Dec. 19, 1920. She married Chad Murray, a methodist minister, and had two children, a boy and a girl.

As a preacher’s wife, Marie was a homemaker who enjoyed working in the church alongside her husband. She loves children and taught Sunday School.

According to her daughter, Janet Stulce, Marie is a lot of fun, as a parent and friend.

“People are always telling me what a ‘hoot’ she is,” Stulce said. “More so because of the things she does and things that happen to her, but she’s a very fun person to be around.

Stulce said over the years, Marie’s hobbies included playing bridge and crafts with her kids, she loved to sew and often made outfits for Janet’s friends who would buy patterns and pay her to make them something new to wear. Marie was also exceptional at making fresh breads and would often take them to the church potlucks. And when she would make stew, soups or chicken and dumplings, she always made extra to share with others.

“She would always take some to a friend and there was always some in the freezer marked, ‘Janet,’ for me,” Stulce said. “She also prided herself on being a good hostesses. When she lived in a retirement community, she would often host parties around the complex pool, making sure to serve everyone else, that everyone else had something to eat before she ate.”

Stulce said her mother has kept her memory sharp all these years with crossword puzzles.

Marie will celebrate her birthday with a pizza party and her family at noon on Saturday.

Although the family cannot be inside the facility, they are traveling to Palestine from around the state to celebrate this auspicious occasion with Marie through Windermere’s picture-glass-window.

Happy Birthday Marie!

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