Michael Thomason

Michael Thomason

We live in a day and age when the simple act of holding a door open can be seen less as common courtesy than an attempt to label someone else as needing assistance against their will. We don’t know anymore if we are washing or hanging out. This is my message.

Since the dawn of time, boys have been chasing girls and visa-versa. The end result is there are now something like eight billion humans on the planet, over 95% or so who are all in with the program. We have been at the begatting game for some time now and we begetting good at it. It would seem that if survival of the species by reproduction is at the root of all relationships, then we are winning. In fact, we are winning to such a degree we are now entering a new phase of human interaction that goes beyond simple reproduction and allows all sorts of freedom of expression. What we begin to see now are examples of humans who do not wish to be identified by their physical traits at all but their mental.

Today, I heard the entertainer Demi Lovato no longer wants to be a girl, or a boy at all. He/She has declared her or himself ‘non-binary.’ Google that when you have a spare decade or so to contemplate. It means this person no longer wants to be referred to with gender specific pronouns but rather the terms ‘they’ or ‘them’. She is no longer she. She is now ‘they’ and my head hurts trying envision the whole concept.

But I suppose even if it seems silly, it’s fairly harmless. The only problem I see in any of this is what I’ve been trying to wrap my head around; with limited success. But here goes: You may call yourself anything you like, and you may dress any way you like, and you may date or marry anyone of your own choosing. I may or may not agree with your opinions, but that’s your right. What you need to understand is the corresponding right for me to call you a chucklehead and respectfully decline to participate. Your demand to be referred to by non-gender pronouns does not mean I am required to comply. Life is too short to learn a new language, much less a new species. Just because you are broadcasting doesn’t mean I have to tune in.

I remember an occasion when I accidentally called a person by their everyday name and was immediately chastised for not referring to them as ‘Doctor.’ I hadn’t known he/she was a doctor. I was only going by appearances and experience. Perhaps doctors of such emotional fragility should wear a badge or a bracelet or a hood ornament to identify them more accurately, so we mortals could stay better informed of their true identity.

I feel we as a society are getting close to the end game of political correctness when the ultimate expression of self is to cancel out all who don’t see or feel or express themselves as you wish. Freedom of expression does not include the freedom to cancel out opposing thought. It used to be that way anyhow. Today, I’m not so sure.

I knew of a fellow once upon a time who liked to role play, dressing like action figures from popular culture. This was not confined to Halloween or costume parties, but to his everyday life. He had to be sat down by his employer and told this: You have the freedom to be or dress like anyone or anything you like. That’s what freedom is all about. Me, I’m using my freedom to own and operate a business. It will succeed or fail, time will tell. My goal is to deliver a service or product to the customer in exchange for money. Having you show up at their door dressed like Elvis or Batman does not inspire confidence in the homeowner. They were expecting a serviceman and hadn’t realized that in your mind, it was Halloween every day. They might get confused and try to pay you in Snickers or candy corn. This may show tolerance and compassion on their part, but does little for my bottom line. So express yourself, my son, express yourself to the limits of your imagination. But I have to express myself too and I prefer you wear something more appropriate for the occasion. When I ask you to leave the hat, spurs, and six shooters at home, it does not mean I don’t respect your right be Roy Rogers. It’s just not the place for it.

Lord I have made a mess of this! But for now, it’s the best I can do. Near as I can tell.

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