Pen and paper


Everyone has an opinion.

This page is just the place for it and one simple way for the community to contribute its voice, whether collectively or as an individual member, is to write a letter to the editor.

The Herald-Press wants the community to comment, to contribute, to engage.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday there is an opportunity to encourage, challenge, highlight, thank and suggest. There are opinions voiced all the time in all kinds of situations. People have plenty to say.

This is just a formal invitation to say it here.

Don’t like the way the city budget shook out? Say so.

The Palestine Police Department went above and beyond to help? Tell them thank you.

It is your chance to speak up, so to speak.

It is your community and the paper is here for you.

There are a few guidelines for submissions we ask that all letter writers to abide by, so please keep them in mind while writing:

  • Edits will be made for accuracy, taste, grammar.

  • The limit on words is 300 and letters can be edited to fit. Guest commentary submissions on particular topics of interest to the community may exceed this limit, but this is up to the editor.

  • Letters can be refused for any reason.

  • If writing with a problem, offer a solution.

  • If there is a problem with a local business, the Herald-Press will notify the owner or manager to help with resolution and will not advocate for boycotts.

  • This is not a battleground for arguing between opposing parties, but a rebuttal is permissible.

  • Advertisements cannot appear here, but an editor supporting a candidate may.

  • Please refrain from all things libelous, slanderous and unsubstantiated.

  • Letters must include the writer’s name, signature, address and phone number.

It is your turn now. Break out the correspondence stock.

Let’s hear it.

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