Grilling burgers

We can’t believe it either.

It is past the mid-point of June.

The memory of iced over power lines and sledding have melted on the hot Texas asphalt.

But cheer up, Father’s Day weekend is nearly upon us.

Smile and remember or smile and celebrateor just do your best and smile.

It is a day that has been celebrated since 1910, but fathers have been the family backbone for far longer.

Hunter-gatherers, protectors, role models, the one who can just make you feel safe.

Embrace the moment and bask in the sunshine that fathers everywhere have brought into our lives.

We know everyone celebrates in their own way, but if grilling gets him going, we may be able to help.

Our Father’s Day food page has a couple of recipes that have us ready for the weekend.

And even though dads traditionally prefer to “man” the grill, this is a chance to hone your skills and at least work alongside him for a tasty summer afternoon. If his love language is steak, this is a sure way straight to the heart.

Keep it on the light side, if he’d prefer. We’ve got veggie and pasta options as well.

Regardless, it is a way to get together.

Ultimately we all know it isn’t about the food or gifts.

It is about celebrating him, but it is more about being together.

And we know you know this is what he is hoping for most.

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